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Wallichia oblongifolia
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Wallichia oblongifolia

Family: Arecaceae    Palmeras

Nombre común: Himalayan dwarf fishtail palm

Sinonimia científica:
Harina densiflora, Wallichia densiflora, Harina oblongifolia

Común Sinonimia:
Wallichs dwarf fishtail palm. German: Wallichs Fischschwanzpalme, Wallichs Zwerg-Fischschwanzpalme

Fría zona de resistencia: 9a     Ver el Reino Unido y los mapas de zona EE.UU.

Dense clumps, 2-3 m (6.5-10 ft) tall, usually with very short trunks. From humid tropical forests in moist valleys up to 1400 m (4500 ft). India, Nepal, Myanmar.

Información general:
Monoecious, however, Male and female flowers occur at different times on the same plant, therefore, if there are not two stems flowering at the same time it is necessary to have two plants for pollination.


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