Musa sikkimensis

Family: Musaceae   

Nombre común: Darjeeling banana

Sinonimia científica:
Musa × paradisiaca Sikkimensis, Musa × sapientum, Musa hookeri

Común Sinonimia:
Hooker's banana. German: Darjeeling-Banane

Fría zona de resistencia: 9a     Ver el Reino Unido y los mapas de zona EE.UU.

Musa sikkimensis conocimientos

A cold-hardy banana that sports a massive pseudo-trunk to 4,5m (14ft) tall and 45cm (18in.) in diameter, tinged with red, and purple new leaves and leaf-midribs.

Información general:
Trails in the UK show that this is very root hardy being able to take hard frost. However, stems require fleecing even for mild frosts and should be kept dry throughout our long winter months.


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