Pholidostachys sanluisensis

Family: Arecaceae    Palmeras

Nombre común: No se conoce ninguno

Fría zona de resistencia: 10a     Ver el Reino Unido y los mapas de zona EE.UU.

Pholidostachys sanluisensis conocimientos

Stems 3.1(2.0-5.0) m long, 4 cm diameter, solitary. Leaves 11(9-15) per stem; sheaths 50 cm long; petioles 93.5(87.0-100.0) cm long; rachises 92 cm long, 9.5(7.6-11.9) mm diameter; pinnae 9(7-12) per side of rachis; basal pinna 39 cm long, 1.4(1.0-2.0) cm wide, forming an angle of 74(57-85) with the rachis; apical pinna 30.5 cm long, 12.8(6.0-19.3) cm wide, forming an angle of 13(9-20) with the rachis. Inflorescences branched 1 order, with a welldeveloped peduncle, short rachis, and several rachillae, these erect at anthesis; prophylls and peduncular bracts fibrous, covering all or part of the rachillae at anthesis; prophylls length no data; peduncular bracts 41.4 cm long, inserted 7.0(4.5-11.5) cm above the prophyll; peduncles 18.0(13.5-26.0) cm long, 8.3(7.6-9.2) mm diameter; rachillae 4, 36.4(26.0-43.5) cm long, 7.9(6.7-8.8) mm diameter; proximal lips of flower pits irregularly shaped, often acute or acuminate, completely covering pits before anthesis; fruits compressed, obovoid in lateral view with an asymmetric base, ellipsoid in frontal view, with a pronounced meridional ridge, 19.8(19.6-19.9) mm long, 10.3(9.8-10.7) mm diameter.

Información general:
Differs from other species in its compressed fruits, obovoid in lateral view with an asymmetric base, ellipsoid in frontal view, with a pronounced meridional ridge.


Originaria de, Colombia

From 5°57'-6°08'N and 74°51'-75°10'W in Colombia (Antioquia) on the Cordillera Central at 1004(700-1440) m elevation in lowland or montane rainforest.

Ubicación: Colomvia (5.978137°N, -75.036621°E)

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