Trachycarpus fortunei

Family: Arecaceae    Palmeras

Nombre común: Chusan palm

Sinonimia científica:
Chamaerops excelsa, Chamaerops fortunei, Trachycarpus wagnerianus

Común Sinonimia:
Chinese hemp palm, Hemp palm, Windmill palm, Chinese windmill palm. French: Chanvre de Chine, Palmier chanvre, Palmier de Chine, Palmier moulin, Palmier de Chusan. German: Echte Hanfpalme, Hochstämmige Hanfpalme, Palmvezel. Italian: Canapa cinese. Spanis

Fría zona de resistencia: 7b     Ver el Reino Unido y los mapas de zona EE.UU.

Trachycarpus fortunei conocimientos

Single trunk, up to 9 m (30 ft) tall. Originating from open woodland and farmland. China. Dioecious. Mountainous regions of northern Myanmar to central China, often snow covered in winter.

Información general:
A medium to large, lightly armed fan palm to about 10 m tall. It has dark green, unevenly divided leaves, split about half-way to the petiole. It isn't self cleaning, so the old, dead leaves can form a skirt around the top of the trunk


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